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VITAE APPAREL is known for their minimalist, fashionable and sporty swimwear. In addition, what makes VITAE APPAREL different from any other swimsuit, is each suit has a tie on the bottoms to ensure when tubing, diving off a diving board, or playing around in the ocean, the bottoms will NOT fall off your bum.


Designer and owner of the company, Selene Dior, started VITAE APPAREL as only an 18-year-old! She was a competitive swimmer her entire life, as well as spent many days on the beach. Because of this, Selene was given the opportunity to see/wear different swimsuits, and ultimately create ones that exceeded all imperfections.

Soon after laughing Selene’s company, it took off. People from all over the world were applying to become ambassadors, and waiting at their doorsteps for their VITAE APPAREL kini to arrive. Both Selene and VITAE APPAREL’S social medias are constantly growing. The company’s story has not slowed down since the day it started. Their success and achievements are recognized everyday.

Selene, and the rest of her crew,  makes major efforts to ensure that each girl feels confident in their suits. With that being said, her models are normal girls. Normal girls with all different body and skin types,  along with personalities. In addition, VITAE APPAREL’S social media consists of all different girls showing off their VITAE APPAREL suits. Girls with 10 followers and girls with 10K followers are featured on their Instagram.




A few weeks before this past Christmas Break, VITAE APPAREL swimwear reached out to me. VITAE APPAREL asked if I was interested in becoming an ambassador for their company. Soon after reading about their message, and looking at their suits, I knew I was destined to be an aqua babe. To be as blunt as possible, I have genuinely fallen in love with their ideals.

VITAE APPAREL’S goal is to ensure that each and every girl feels confident in their body, especially in a bikini. I know, for me, it is so hard to feel amazing in any swimsuit, especially because they barely cover my private parts! I have loved being apart of their community. It is an understatement to say I am excited for VITAE APPAREL’S future successes and being able to say I am apart of it.



I promise you, you will not be disappointed when purchasing one of their suits. The company is constantly on social media answering questions, giving advice, and ensuring your order arrives perfectly. In addition, Selene worked her butt off and made a successful company from scratch. Why not join that journey with her? If anything, her successes should give YOU the inspiration, motivation, and drive to follow your dreams.

Order your swimsuit today to potentially become an aqua babe or to be featured on their Instagram account. 


Their suits are constantly being restocked due to the large quantities being purchased. Make sure to get your hands on them today before they’re sold out! 


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use SAMBLY10 at checkout !!

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